Sugar Process Chemicals
HLB Organochem is the largest Sugar Process Chemicals manufacturing  company in India. Over 35% of Indian Sugar produced use our process chemicals for efficiency and high quality. All our chemicals come with Food Grade Certificates, MSDS and PDS documents. Please ask our dealer to procure one for your audit.

NOTE: We have customized products and chemical solutions specifically to suit your plant process. 
Please ask the dealer or contact us and we will guide you through our range of products.

For Boiler water treatment chemicals and engineering chemicals, please visit water treatment section.

 Viscosity Reducer  RELAXOL | TENSOLITE | SIMET - 65
 Descaling Chemicals     Acidic: PENETROL - AL / A100
 Basic: PENETROL - BL / B100 / B300
 Rising or Falling Film: DESCALER - FRF / AL
 Spray Pond Treatment    HICCORATOR A / B / C
 Acid Inhibitor CORONIL / XL
 Bagasse Moisture Pol reducer     CELBRO COMPOUND / XL
 Ash reducer and ICUMSA improver     SHUBROL
 Cane Juice Clarifying System     NANOPOL
 Mud settling agent SEDIPURE
 Bio - Enzyme for Alcohol & Sugar Recovery  B - 1006
 Color Precipitant     CP 100
 Mill Sanitation     WIPOL - Quat / Di
 Anti scale agent       ANTISCAL 1 / 2 / 3
 Anti foaming agents     TRO 50 / 60 / 70 and SILICONIT (Silicone base defoamer)

 To ensure quality products: Insist on Excise Gate Pass and procure material through our registered dealers only.